Saturday, August 22, 2009


With my laptop down until we get back to the States and with no cell phone service with internet access until we get back into Rogers territory, I'm using the Birdhouse application on my IPhone to record my observations as we go down the road. I'm trying to keep a journal on Henry's computer or on paper, but I'm behind several days. I'm finding that my notes on Birdhouse will help me when I get ready to do a more comprehensive journal. I plan to do more detailed blog posts with photos after I get back home and my computer comes back from being repaired.

If you're not already on Twitter, you can still follow my "Tweets." I tend to send a bunch of tweets at a time when we have hotel rooms with internet. It has been surprising how many small hotels in remote places have internet. I'm still a day or so behind because I find that I need to reword some of the notes to match the 140 character limit on Twitter. Sometimes my note was too long and has to be broken up into several tweets.

We spent last night in Twillingate, Newfoundland. We'll be working our way along the northeast coast of Newfoundland today. There are rookeries in the Avalon section of Newfoundland that we are hoping to see. I hope that Hurricane Bill won't rain out my photography opportunities at the rookeries.

Hurricane Bill looks like it will bring rain as the path shows it crossing southern Newfoundland as a tropical storm. It looks like BIll will rain on our parade, Apparently the east coast of the US is having strong waves that has caused beaches in New York State to close.

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