Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Hubbard Museum

I am excited. This is the fourth year I've entered the Hubbard Museum of the American West Photo Competition. The first year I entered two photos - they both came straight back to me. The second year I had two photos make the exhibit, but I don't think either one of them placed. Last year I had four photos make the exhibit and three of them made Honorable Mention.

I knew the exhibit was scheduled to open this week and I had not heard anything. I even mentioned to Jonathan last night that maybe they would not make it this year. But since I'd made the exhibit before, I was pretty confident that at least something would hang on the walls there again this year.

When one submits something, one always dreams that it will do well. But my philosophy has been I'll be happy if it just makes the exhibit. But this year . . . . . I won 1st place in landscape, with 2 other Honorable Mentions also in Landscape. And I have another photo that is in the Ranching and Agriculture category that made the exhibit.

With a first place win, I've decided to go and enjoy the Awards Ceremony and Reception Friday evening. It is really the first year that I could have gone. One year we were planning to go and we had car trouble in the RV and were stuck in the Rapid City area.

My prior years exhibit photos are posted at my website page Museum Exhibits. I will be posting this years photos next week on the same page.

And yes, I let out a big WHEEEEEEEE and danced a little jig. Definitely a good day for me.

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Karen said...

Congratulations, Mary Ann. That is a very fine example of progress!