Friday, June 30, 2006

Moving Day

Sometimes, I sneak up on an event. Life can be uncertain, and we've had trips we planned that either did not happen or did not happen as we planned. This year life has been more difficult to predict - what with Henry's dad's ill health, my daughter's wedding, etc. So, for several reasons, I had not actually booked our accommodations for the convention. Sometimes, we leave our RV and stay at the convention hotel. Sometimes, we park the RV at the hotel. Sometimes we stay at an RV park and commute. Our next event is Westercon over the fourth of July weekend. Organized people would have made sure they had reservations. Campland on the Bay was booked up over the fourth from the first part of our stay. I was hoping for a cancellation. But after we arrived for our stay I realized that was unlikely so I called around and ended up booking us at an RV park supposedly in El Cajon.

As it became time to leave Campland, I found I had mixed emotions. I'm sure it was a zoo over the fourth - tons of people, packed - it is a popular place. But we spent 9 nights there - it had become a little like home. Our second spot had us overlooking one of the "parks". This was a very family oriented campground - lots of people of various income levels - tents to high end RV's. I enjoyed watching the families having fun together. Plus we were right next to the bay, close driving distance to the ocean.

Our new campground turned out to be 25 or so miles east - I think I saw an elevation marker of 1000 feet on the highway on the way here. Need I say - it is HOT during the day here. It is a much smaller and quieter place. Note to self: when they warn you about ants: BELIEVE THEM! Henry has done a commendable job putting the comet around the tires. We never got the Vaseline for the electric cord - we probably should have. He has sprayed every ant trail both inside and outside the RV. I sleep most of the night without ants crawling on me. At least they are not the dreaded fire ants!

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