Friday, July 24, 2009

Wedding Musings

Tonight was our niece's daughter Christian's wedding (my great niece???) As I watched this special young couple go down the aisle and say their vows - many things crossed my mind - my own wedding, my children's weddings, my niece's weddings, how much this great niece looks like her mother . . . the sanctity of marriage and marriage vows . . . the bright hopes and dreams all young couple have as they start out . . . how young they look . . . how fast this coming generation is growing from childhood to adulthood . . .

During the reception . . . how happy they look, how much fun they're having at the reception, the friends and family celebrating the joyous occasion . . .

Weddings are special because they are beginnings, filled with hope, love, laughter and joy.

My wish for Brady and Christian that their life will always be filled with joy, happiness, peace, trust, and above all . . . love!

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