Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Travel Log - Chamberlain SD

We headed over to Chamberlain on Monday - the location for Henry's book Falling Bakward. Lunch was rest stop along I-90. A storm was brewing to the north. We could hear the gentle thunder over the rolling hills.

We got to Chamberlain just before the rains hit. Henry went into the high school through the rain - hoping to find someone - principal, libriarian . . . etc . . . He went to the Chamber of Commerce and we went to the Dairy Queen - he had found a high school student through Twitter that he was hoping to connect with. Finally the young man showed up . . . he's going to college in the fall to major in computer security.

Chamberlain is really a pretty town. Built on the bluffs above the Missouri River, the river is a lake there. The town is still very much alive - businesses open in the downtown area rather than long empty stores. They've had rain this summer so the hills were a pretty pale green - other summers it is hot and dry with yellowed and brown grass. There are hotels and restaurants and fishing and boating opportunities along the Missouri. On the eastern edge of town is a pretty park built on one of the levees. This would be a fun place to spend some time.

We went north from Chamberlain. Taking backroads, we found tons of ring necked pheasants along the road. Some were hiding near tall clumps of grass along the fence line. Others were along the roadside possibly getting salt. A few were on top of the big round haybales. We found males, females, chicks . . . It was fun to watch them try to hide by slinking their head and necks close to the ground. One even tried to hide on the hay bale by lowering her head and laying it on the bale.

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