Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Mockingbird Chicks

I knew that I had a mockingbird nest in one of the live oak trees in the front yard. I had watched the parents sneak in and settle down, but activity had come to a halt and I wasn't seeing in activity. We had also seen a bunch of loose feathers that looked like the remains of a mockingbird, so I figured that the nest had failed.

But I have two juvenile mockingbirds showing up at the bird bath each morning. No way to know whether they are from the nest in the front yard or another one. I never see a parent with these two youngsters, but they are really enjoying the birdbath.

I'm set up on my front porch with my big lens, hoping to catch that "perfect" image with the chick splashing in the water . . . I've got a few that I'm proud of.

I also enjoy watching them shake out the water from their feathers, pluff themselves up and groom themselves.

They even come up with some really cute poses.

I'm enjoying my summer mornings on the porch - the birds keep me well entertained!

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StarFortress said...

Love the bird taking a bath picture. Thanks for sharing.