Monday, April 06, 2009

Twitter stuff

My husband started using Twitter before I did. It was a very useful tool when we were in Galveston experiencing and photographing Hurricane Ike. I've enjoyed keeping up with friends via the "Tweets."

Lately, I've been exploring the larger world of Twitter. I've downloaded the application TweetDeck to arrange the incoming Tweets so that like things are together. At the moment, its 10 columns are not enough. I have a column for Friends and Family, my photography friends at the Digital Image Cafe, All Friends, Direct Messages, Replies, Christian, Photography, Organize Clutter, Gardening, and Publishing. I would like more columns so I could have a column for birding, news, perhaps business or editorial.

I'm bookmarking some sites related to Twitter that I'm finding useful:

TweetStats keeps track of your average tweets/day, when you tweet, how you tweet during the days of the week, who you are replying to, what method you used to Tweet (phone, web, Tweetdeck, Tweetie, etc)

TweetEffect gives some information on which posts cause people to follow or unfollow you. (Funny, spell check doesn't like unfollow . . . guess we have a new word there - it is used by RSSfriends.) I suspect that a given tweet may or may not be the reason you lose followers. Some people follow in hopes that you will follow them. If you don't, they drop out.

Tweet Trail lets you enter a subject and it finds other people who tweet about it.

RSSFriends tracks changes in friends list or follower and unfollower on Twitter with an RSS Feed. Friends shows who you are folllowing, Followers tracks people as they follow and unfollow you.

Twellow - Twitter Yellow Pages

Local Tweeps You can search your area (or another) to find local people of interest to follow.

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