Sunday, April 26, 2009

Today's Bird Photos

Today was my birthday and I decided to spend part of it on my front porch photographing the birds at my feeders. I had one that I wanted to photograph so that I could send the image to a bird expert, because I was having a difficult time with identifying it.

Here are some of the better shots of the day:

I get large numbers of white winged doves. It is amazing how many of them can fit on the feeder at one time!

As I was taking my shots, I visualized trying to get wing action as they landed or flew off. This one probably worked the best.

This is my mystery bird. I think it might be a Lincoln sparrow, but those black smudgy marks on the sides don't match the illustrations in my Sibleys. I've sent it to an expert to confirm the id.

I still have lots of white crowned sparrows.

I figure they'll be leaving to migrate north before too long.

I've been very pleased to have a pair of red bellied woodpeckers visit my burr oak tree. I have this suet feeder set up usually with a fruity suet and a woodpecker suet. I sure hope they bring chicks to my feeder!

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Michael Ziegler said...

Beautiful photos! I especially like the one of the dove landing at the feeder.
I just posted a couple of photos of a heron that lives and hunts around our neighborhood. Go by and take a look. Do you know what kind of heron it is? Any help would be appreciated.
Best regards,
Mike Z