Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hutto's Pond at Riverwalk

Henry and I have been trying to get out and walk regularly. When we first moved to Hutto, we had to drive to Pflugerville or Round Rock to find walking trails. As Hutto has grown, we are now getting more walking trails. We've been over to the pond just south of Brush Creek across from the soccer fields. I don't know that it has a name, but the walk is .7 of a mile. For me it has the added attraction of having some great birds.

My bird list to date from my walks there:
barn swallow
blue winged teal
pied bill grebe
northern shoveler
red tail hawk
red shouldered hawk
red wing blackbird
little blue heron
great blue heron
green heron
great egret
snowy egret
great tailed grackle
yellow rumped warbler
mourning dove
Eurasian dove
double crested cormorant
savannah sparrow
house finch
greater yellowlegs
lessor yellowlegs
downy woodpecker

It is quiet there in the mornings. In the late afternoons, there is soccer practice across the street, people fishing on the pond, families with kids and dogs walking with us. Such a feeling of community! While it has been sad to watch Hutto go from being a rural in nature to urban, it is also nice to have great places to walk!

There is another lake that is being developed as a park for Hutto. We're going to check it out soon!

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