Sunday, October 26, 2008

More Michigan Fall Colors

As we drove through the Upper Peninsula, the colors were just gorgeous. Sometimes I felt like I was in a fall fairy land!! Sometimes, the forest just glowed yellow!

These were shot on the road going toward Eagle River. There was color everywhere!

We went up to Brockway Mountain. It is a beautiful drive. The weather was not conducive to great photos - too hazy and dark, but the view of the colorful fall trees and Lake Superior is gorgeous.

Here are some shots at a different angle at the top of Brockway. Even on a dull cloudy day the colors were amazing.

I'm also playing with artistic creative images that you get straight from the camera. I've tentatively named this one: Whimsical Fall.


Andrew said...

wonderful pictures. I only wish we had trees like these in San Antonio. I love your blog. :)

jodi said...

I like Whimsical fall. It captures the essence in a very abstract way. :)

Mary Ann Melton said...

Thanks, Andrew and Jodi!

Andrew, Lost Maples is not far from San Antonio. During the first two weeks of November, the maple trees there go into glorious color. Worth the drive over!