Monday, October 06, 2008

Hurricane Ike's Science Researchers

It took awhile for me to relocate the article about the storm researchers who braved Ike's wind and storm surge.
This Galveston Daily News article about Rachel Humphrey who had come from Colorado to do storm research has just amazed me. I can not imagine weathering a storm like Ike on a truck (however large and sturdy) on the causeway. While I did think it wise that they parked where they could get to higher ground, the life raft as a last resort sounded very scary to me in the midst of a hurricane with such a powerful storm surge. The other reports say the truck was 35 feet above sea level - that's a little better, but still, talk about being in harm's way!

I'm sure that we took photos of one of these big research Doppler on Wheels trucks, but I did not bring my master set of photos from Ike with us on our current trip. Here is a Photo of Doppler on Wheels from the Center for Severe Weather Research site.

Here is a link to the Information gathered by the DOW as well as another article about the storm researchers in Galveston

This link to the Storm Chaser website has another set of dramatic storm photos and stories of storm chasers - including photos of the rescue of the men who weathered the storm at the very damaged fishing pier.

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