Monday, April 14, 2008

Water Issues

When I was a freshman in college up in Canyon, Texas, I took a geology course. One of the topics was the aquifer for the Texas Panhandle, the Ogolala aquifer. I've paid attention to water issues ever since. I currently live in Central Texas where most our water comes from rivers and from the Edwards Aquifer. While the water issues here are different, keeping our aquifer pure and using groundwater resources rather than wells is important.

In the 1990's I served on two committees dealing with financing of the canals for the water which brings water from the Colorado River to the farmers in Arizona. So I learned more about Arizona water issues than I probably wanted to know.

Reader's Digesthas a good article this month about America's current water crisis.

As I browsed my news feed today, I came across yet another issue about water around the world.

My question: Are world leaders paying attention? What can we do to conserve water? As a nation and as a global community, we must find new ways of dealing with our precious resource.

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