Saturday, April 26, 2008

San Francisco

I've gotten to visit the San Francisco area several times over the last few years. I find it a very interesting place. I love eating at Fishermen's Wharf - fresh seafood and wonderful Boudin sourdough bread. I need to find a place to buy it at home - or find a substitute that is as good.

This trip I did the wharf, the Point Bonita Lighthouse, the Golden Gate Recreation Area and the Point Reyes National Seashore. As I drove around just north of the Golden Gate Bridge, I enjoyed the beautiful Marin Headlands with their beautiful green rolling hills. I drove by Muir Woods and my route took me through several groves of redwoods. I discovered the small community at Stimson's Beach and had a wonderful lunch. I enjoyed the drive through the Olema Valley and through the historic ranches on the way to the point. At one of the overlooks, I could see the seals and elephant seals far below. The waves on the north side were huge due to the winds. Although I usually never end up with outstanding wave photos, I always have to try. This photo is from South Beach:

I drove over to Drake's Beach expecting the water to be calm as it is on the lee side of the peninsula, but while the waves were more gentle, there were definitely waves. I was delighted that the wind was blowing the tops off, one of my favorite things to see. And the wind was blowing so bad, that you could watch the sand blow across the beach.

I keep visiting the Point Reyes National Seashore hoping to get photos to send to National Parks Magazine. But so far, I have not gotten the dramatic lighting or interesting weather that makes marketable photos. This next one is about as close as I got to a marketable shot this trip:

As the sun went down, I was over at North Beach. The glow on the waves was pretty against the golden sky. A little photoshop work adding yesterday's sun to the sky and bring out the waves more leaves me with this parting shot for the day:

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Lazy Trainer said...

Once again you have some great photos from your jaunt.