Thursday, April 17, 2008

Point Bonita Lighthouse

As I was packing up from my photoshoot this evening, one of the passerby's commented that the lighthouse I had been photographing was called Point Bonita. He added, "In Spanish, that means beautiful."

While I had noted the name as I drove in, I was glad to be reminded. On my first day in the San Francisco area, I headed first over to Fishermen's Wharf for supper. Then I headed straight for this lighthouse. I had seen it last year on a cloudy day, at the wrong time of day. It was on my list to photograph at sunset.

I started photographing while the sun was still bright. Some of those may work. But I was really going for the after sunset, glowing lighthouse with those silky waves.

I'm hoping to get out at sunrise and see if I can get some morning colors in the sky.

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