Friday, March 28, 2008


When I look across the atrium area and see Star Wars storm troopers walking by, I know I'm at a science fiction convention. And these costumes were pretty convincing. Where do they get such professional looking costumes? I've seen the military look, the Renaissance look, a feather headdress, zombies, Doctor Who look-a-likes. Yes, this is a Con! Tall people, short people, fat people, thin people, able bodied, people in motorized chairs and wheel chairs, and people with canes. Old people, young people - all connected by great imaginations, the love of reading, the interest in science fiction and fantasy, and the love of role playing games. Some will stay up all night and all day.

I attended my first con back in the '70's - probably AggieCon in 1972. My first WorldCon was Kansas City in 1976 with Robert Heinlein as Guest of Honor.

The panels are interesting and challenge my mind. I find new authors to read and enjoy.

Yep, I still enjoy a good Con!

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