Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Our original plan for this weekend was to do our first booth at AggieCon. Henry was going to promote and sell his books, and I was going to have photos for sale. With Henry's Darrell Award nomination, we're going to Memphis, Tennessee and Debra and Jonathan are going to do our booth. So . . . I've spent this week making notecards from my animal photos trying to choose photos that might have science fiction themes - owls for the Harry Potter fans, Hawks, coyotes, crocodiles, lions, etc. I got everything printed and then I got almost everything matted, mounted, signed with my initials, and placed in poly bags.

I'll try to get back to my regular blogging here in the next day or so.

I'm hoping to find some birding areas or scenic areas near Memphis before we head home.

Time for bed . . . my body is sore from all that mat cutting!

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