Friday, March 28, 2008

In the News

While I used to read the local newspaper regularly, now I get most of my news on the internet. I set up my news feeds on "My Yahoo" a number of years ago. Probably I need to redo the mix but I'm used to what have. When I open my YAHOO, I get a full page full of headlines. I can pick out stories from Reuters, from Yahoo, Top Stories from the Associated Press, Entertainment news from Reuters, AP and EI. I like to check on business and stock market news. Because I have interests in Colorado, I get news feed from Denver's Rocky Mountain News. When my daughter moved to California I added the Los Angeles Times. To make sure I don't miss something really interesting, I look at most viewed and most emailed headlines. And somewhere down the line, I added USA today. I used to have the New York Times and the Austin American Statesman, but I think they discontinued interacting with Yahoo.

I choose to open and read an eclectic mix. Yes, the personality stories of famous entertainers catch my interest. But right now I'm a little tired of stories of Brittany, Lindsay and Michael. I have not clicked on as many recently.

But today I found an interesting article hiding in the Los Angeles Times. Being married to a science fiction writer who has always had an interest in UFO's, I was drawn to a story entitled
"Seeking UFO's, deep underground."

For one thing . . . how do you look for unidentified flying objects underground? I was intrigued.

An old missile silo is now the home to The National UFO Reporting Center. Top on the page is the most recent UFO mystery from Stephenville, Texas. I had heard about this somewhere (can't remember where right this minute - probably on from most read stories on My Yahoo.)

Peter Davenport took the torch to run this organization back in 1994. An educated man with degrees in biology and Russian from Stanford University and graduate degrees from the University of Washington in genetics and the biochemistry of fish and the experience of founding a successful business, the National UFO Reporting Center is still going strong under his leadership.

While I don't know the truth as to whether UFO's are atmospheric phenomena, military testing, mass hysteria, or aliens from outer space, I have been to Roswell and seen some of the history behind the 1948 story. I am glad that someone is compiling the data from all of those things seen in the sky and not understood. And I hope that someday, he will find someone that will pick up the torch from him to keep this data available.

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