Sunday, January 06, 2008

More Kenya

From the Kansas City Star

From the Toronto Star

The Toronto Star finally discusses something i suspected:
"Muchayo is of the Luhya tribe, a smaller grouping with a different dialect but close enough to Luo to be seen as partisan.

Like so many others in Kibera, she put her electoral stock in the notion that Odinga's opposition represented long-awaited emancipation for the slum-dwellers. Not for tribal reasons, but simply because she believes a future Odinga government represents the best chance for the poor to finally win a share of Kenya's economic successes."

Another article I read talked about tourists staying at a $400 a night room standing on their balconies watching until the tear gas drifted up . . .

I had seen the photo of the woman being robbed in a photo blog I found . . .

For some reason, I think what is happening in Kenya right now is important. I grieve because even if the worst of the violence has ended (unknown at this point), the scars from what has already happened are going to go deep and are likely to last a long time.

So many of the blogs end with these words: Pray for Kenya!

I hope and pray that God will intervene here . . . touch the hearts of people who can truly make a difference. I also hope and pray that resources will be found to bring the humanitarian aide that is desperately need - to bring food, water, and supplies to the 250,000 people who have been displaced.

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Susi said...

incredibly sad, thank you for your senstivity to this issue