Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Good-bye 2007!

While there were some truly sad things that happened around us in 2007, I really can't say that 2007 was a bad year.

We lost Henry's dad and my friend, Debbie. We're a little older, arthritis lets us know when it is time to stop for the day. We gained weight (Phooey!)

But . . . I got to spend a month in California, almost a month in Yellowstone, and a month in Africa. I was able to take some photographs that I am really proud of.

To my faithful readers, I am so pleased that 2090 people visited my blog this year and since there were 4024 visits some of you visited more than once. I only started Google Analytics in September of 2006 - so it is hard to make a good comparison, but from Sept 3, 2006 to Dec 31, 2006 I had 901 visits from 413 visitors from 36 countries. In the same time frame this year, I had 1729 visits from 1059 visitors from 67 countries.

There have been successes in my photography and opportunities. I still have much to learn about consistency and discipline in getting my submissions off. It is much easier when I have a set deadline than when I am making "cold" submissions - too easy to wait until I have time to do the submission "perfectly."

We've gotten to spend some special time with our family and our closest friends this year.

God is working in our lives.

We have been blessed.

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