Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Today was "Load the trailer - get ready to leave day." Even with helpers from the local day worker pool, getting everything unloaded from living quarters and packed into a trailer is tiring. Our helpers were wonderful - they were polite, eager to do whatever we wanted. The trailer is full to the gills, but the car still has some room.

We loaded stuff until around 5:00. Then headed over for a last meal at Malibu Seafood. An after dinner walk at Michael Landon Park sounded good - and it definitely helped work out some sore muscles.

Tomorrow morning will be spent - one last visit to the Malibu Curves, load the few remaining items, clean, and hit the road.

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Karen said...

Have a safe journey. I remember moving all too well. I do not look to do it again for a while. It is always great to have good helpers though.