Monday, July 18, 2005

New Beginnings

Well, today is the day I am starting the Curves Challenge. I'm not doing it with a group, just the book and me. Debra completed this challenge recently and is trying to encourage me.

I started Curves just after she did - mainly to encourage her. I have some built in skepticism - I've done a lot of different forms of dieting and exercise over the years. I've lost a lot of weight only to have it come back . . . . with friends and family.

But I know I need to lose the weight - I'm carrying too much for my frame. While I have old injuries to several joints, the added weight wears on them also.

I am also trying to be a nature photographer. I have to be able to carry my gear and hike. Last November, I really enjoyed hiking several miles over to the dunes at Death Valley. But I was always tired and achy when I got back to the car. I got there by sheer determination - not because I was in great shape. So many places require walking with gear to get the best photos. And some of it is up steep hills. It would be nice to go straight up without having to stop and pant and wait for the breathing rate and heart rate to go down.

So . . . . . I'm going to try to follow the diet the next 6 weeks. The first two are the strictest. We'll see. Even with doubts, I'm hoping for success.

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Karen said...

Well, if you put it on your blog, you're committed! I do wish for all the dedication and perseverance required. Good for you!