Sunday, July 03, 2005

Love the Weather Here!

Here in southern California along the coast, the weather at the fourth of July is amazingly cool. We wake up in the mornings to a cool breeze coming in the windows and clouds and fog in the sky. Yesterday it was in the 60's most of the day. Today, we started with clouds. The sun came out in the early afternoon, for those beach lovers to have a wonderful afternoon. Then the low clouds started rolling in around sunset. The talk at Curves today was whether it would be clear enough to see the fireworks.

Henry tells me that at home in Texas the temperatures have been over 100 degrees every day this week. I have to say I am enjoying the cool weather here. As warm natured as I am, the nights are cool enough that it feels good to sleep with Debra's heated mattress pad. I even try to turn it on ahead of time - so it is cozy when I crawl under the covers.

We've been apartment looking for Debra. A lot of the places we looked don't have air conditioning. If this is typical weather, I can see why you would not need it.

No wonder all the garden plants look so beautiful here - they are not having to fight the heat.

Well, I'll enjoy this while I can. I'll be back in Texas in a week or so. Then this weather will seem like a dream.


Karen said...

So is Debra staying out there now? I heard she was moving back home. I'm envious of the weather. But, we did have an afternoon of 74 on Friday.

Bettye said...

You lucky person. The firewords were visiable here last night but the temp was still well into the '90's.
Good luck on the apartment hunting. I take it she got the job?