Friday, November 20, 2009

Grands Jardins Provincial Park

Aug 12 Parc national des Grands-Jardins has amazing mountains that are part of the Canadian shield. Jardin is French for garden. The park got its name because of the carpet of lichens and Nordic vegetation. We only got to sample the park and we were there late in the day when the sun was low in the sky. There was a long dirt road on the park brochure that looked worth exploring, but we knew we had limited time so we only went a short way before turning back.

Near our turnaround point, we came upon this lovely old log church.

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Michael Ziegler said...

Hi Mary Ann,
I really love the Northwest, both US and Canada.
The log church reminds me of a small church near Mt Ranier in Washington, in Elbe. Here is a link to a photo and the story:
Hope you enjoy it.
Best regards,
Mike Z