Monday, November 23, 2009

Chapleau Crown Game Preserve

Aug 3: We are known for our explorations. I saw the Chapleau Crown Game Preserve on the map and I wanted to go see it. It is the largest Crown Game Preserve in the world with 2,000,000 acres! We got into the town of Chapleau and knew we needed to get our room set up first, because in small towns hotel keepers put the "No Vacancy" sign out when they'r ready to go to bed. We got our hotel room, put gas in the tank and headed north to explore the preserve. The road was dirt, and we regularly passed beautiful ponds and lakes. We knew there was a lake at the end of the road 72 kilometers away. We got to to end of the road where there is a pretty lake and a campground. We finally saw moose after the sun went down, but they didn't cross the road. We came across one of the lakes as the moon was rising and I just had to see what I could do with the pretty scene:

I stayed out as long as I could playing with exposures. But the mosquitoes were fierce and it was getting late and we still had a long way to go to get back to the hotel.

And, sure enough, when we got back to town at a late hour, everything was closed up tight. It was good we had planned ahead and had a comfortable room. Sleeping in the car would have been no fun and there were really no other towns very close. It was a good day!


Anonymous said...

Good to know some extra details about the preserve. Thanks

Mary Ann Melton said...

Glad the information was useful. It was a very interesting place to visit.