Monday, February 02, 2009

More Volcanoes in the news

Japan's Mount Asama erupted today. It threw a plume of ash about a mile high above its crater. It apparently had a minor eruption in 2008 and a more major eruption in 2004. The article also noted that Mount Sakurajima had a minor eruption a week ago.

The latest news from Mount Redoubt - "A high intensity burst of volcanic tremor occurred from about 2:44 through 2:50 AST this morning at Redoubt. The tremor episode appears to hve ended for now. There was no eruption associated with this tremor. " from the Alaska Volcano Observatory. The ASO has posted recent photos of the volcano.

Photo by Chris Waythomas from the ASO site taken January 31st

Photo by Kristi Wallace during an ASO observation flight taken on January 30 - also from the ASO site

The ASO also has two webcams of Mount Redoubt -one from the "hut" and one from Cook's Inlet. With the long Alaskan winter nights, they are dark for much of the day, however, they do give a great view during daylight hours. With the images from the hut we are likely to get some amazing views if the volcanic eruption starts during daylight hours.

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