Friday, February 13, 2009

The Fraser Gallery Reception

I have not exhibited a lot, but I have been regularly submitting photos for exhibition with some success. I'm in Bethesda, Maryland tonight after attending the reception for the Fraser Gallery's 8th Annual International Photography Competition. At this stage in my photography career, I'm just happy to make the exhibit. I like to go to the reception for several reasons. For one thing, once I frame one of my photos, it takes on a new life. Somehow a beautifully framed print is more "real" than an image on the computer. When I view it on a gallery wall, it becomes even more real. I also truly enjoy seeing the other images on display. I'm still learning about how to present my work professionally, so I really study not only the photography techniques, but also how the master photographers present their work.

When you attend the reception, you get to hear the juror talk about how and why they make the choices as to which photographs make the exhibit. Since I occasionally get to do photographic judging, that is useful and beneficial in helping me become a better judge. When I look at the wining photographs, they usually stand out above the crowd. Tonight was no exception. You can view the images in the exhibition online at the Fraser Gallery's website." If you live in the Washington, DC area, it is well worth your time to go and see this exhibit. Viewed full sized and well lit, they are not only a delight to the eye, but also an inspiration as to how photography touches the artistic elements of our psyches. The winning images are outstanding.

The other advantage of being there at the reception is the people you get to meet and talk to. I enjoyed all the people I got to visit with, but a special visitor to the reception was Lida Moser. I was so blessed to spend an hour or so listening to her stories. I so hope that someone is writing her life story, because it is fascinating - from her work in the military during World War II to stories from her photography career. I consider this evening to be a once in a lifetime opportunity to sit at the feet of a great photographer and soak up her wisdom.

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