Saturday, September 08, 2007


This is the first internet since Lusaka- at $6.00 per 30 minutes.

I have so many blogs about things we've seen and experienced. I plan to take time and do a lot of blogs when we get home. But for now . . .

I messed up in Lusaka and got us to the airport very early in the morning and our flight was not until afternoon. The good news about this was that I got the airport routine figured out so that when our missing bag arrived, I was able to be in the baggage pickup area and get it before we flew to the next lodge. We spent most of the day in the airport. It was fascinating watching all the people. There were women in soldier and police gear, women in native dress, women in business outfits, women carrying babies swaddled on their backs. We met one family that was seeing off the matriarch. This lady works as a nurse in London but comes home to Zambia every year to spend a month with her family. Her daughter, her two daughter's-in-law, three grandchildren and perhaps a son spent time with her in the airport before she flew off. One of the customs for international flights is for the family to climb the stairs and watch until the person is out of sight. Our flight to Mfuwe (only a hint of an m with fooey) was late because there were passengers flying in from Livingstone on a flight that was running an hour late. When I was getting my lost bag, I was worried about how close the time was to check in for the next flight. No need to have worried - I had PLENTY of time.

The Luangwa River Lodge was great. It is a small lodge - only houses a maximum of 10 guests. Most of the time there were only four of us. Our guide was James (pronounces Jims). Because we got there late, we were whisked to the night drive - so no time to dig out the camera gear. The highlight that night was a leopard and cubs feeding on an impala the mom had killed and drug up high in a tree. We got back to the lodge driving through the river. Dinners were delightful - served on the grass under the stars near the river bank. More later . . .

Today was "moving" day. We left Luangwa River Lodge - were driven to Mfuwe airport - flew to Lusaka. We got off the plane - went back through check in and flew the same plane to Livingstone. We were met and whisked into a car to head for Chobe. First mistake - ALWAYS go to the bathroom before you leave the airport. (Made the same mistake when I first arrived at Mfuwe - we went straight from airport to night drive - more about my bathroom stop there later) Also- make sure you take time and get some bottled water. Also check on lunch . . . we totally missed it today. We were driven about 40 minutes to the Zambezi river crossing - also a border crossing. Then we waited briefly for the boat that would ferry us over. Then we cruised the river shortly waiting for the car for the lodge. Then we waited for the other two passengers (they never showed) I asked about bottled water and a bathroom and just got the same directions about immigration . . .Good thing I did not need to go badly. But we were getting thirsty.

Finally he gave up on the other passengers. We went through immigration which includes getting the bottom of your shoes disinfected. We then drove another 30 minutes to get to the lodge. We were hot, thirsty, and tired. But once again, we were greeted with those heavenly cold cloths. Our greeter got us some of the snacks for tea time and some cold lemon ice tea - once again heaven. Our room is AIR CONDITIONED!!!! It is hot here so that is a blessing. Henry chose to stay in the room while I took a short sunset river cruise - elephants everywhere!

Supper was Mongolian stir fry - great food.

So . . . I'm caught up for now. More details and photos to come later.

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