Wednesday, September 19, 2007


The first three weeks of our Africa trip, we were the tourists at the safari camps. And we throroughly enjoyed seeing all the animals that we had only seen in zoos in their natural environment. It was amazing how many new birds I have seen - some similar to the North American cousins, others totally different from anything I've seen in North America.

This week we are at the Mission. It is an impressive place. Started in 1932, it recently celebrated its 75th anniversary. There is a basic school nearby. At the mision are a secondary school 8-12, and a college - both boarding schools. Both are rated among the top schools in Zambia.

There is also an orphanage for babies and children up to two years old. There is a clinic with a physician's assistant who provides medical care. And each summer a group of physicians comes and does an extensive medical clinic for about 10 days. There are plans to build housing for doctors who might be able to come at other times of the year.

I think it will be these precious orphan babies that will haunt me when I return home. They would each come up for attention and wanted to be held and cuddled.

Before I left there were 5 or 6 children sharing the swing with me - all wanting and needing the simple cuddle and pat on the back.

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Karen said...

Wow, I bet that does tug at your heart knowing how many don't get the hugs and attention they need. Cute picture on the swing. Glad you and Henry are having such a great time.