Monday, August 13, 2007

Yellowstone Facilities '07 Schedule

As I worked on my campground information, I realized that if you're going to be camping in the park at either the earliest or latest parst of the season, it is important to know which services are going to be available for you.

Mammoth General Store - open all year
Mammoth Clinic - open all year
North Entrance - Open all year
Northeast Entrance - Open all Year

April 20 West Entrance Opens
April 20 Geyser Grill Fast Food
May 4 East Entrance Opens
May 4 Old Faithful Upper Store
May 4 Old Faithful Service Station (lower)
May 4 Canyon Service Station
May 4 Snow Lodge Restaurant
May 4 Mammoth Dining Room & Terrace Grill Fast Food
May 11 South Entrance Opens
May 11 Fishing Bridge General Store
May 11 Mammoth Hot Springs Service Station
May 14 Grant Village Mini Store
May 17 Old Faithful Clinic
May 19 Fishing Bridge Service Station
May 18 Canyon Wrecker Service
May 18 Old Faithful Wrecker Service
May 18 Tower Fall Store
May 19 Lake General Store
May 20 Canyon General Store
May 22 Old Faithful Service Station (upper)
May 25 Lake Clinic
May 25 Grant Village Lodging & Restaurant
May 25 Grant Village General Store
May 25 Grant Village Service Station
May 25 Grant Village Wrecker & Repair Service
May 25 Old Faithful Repair Service
May 25 Canyon Repair Service
May 25 Fishing Bridge Wrecker & Repair Service
June 1st Bridge Bay Marina Store
June 1 Canyon Lodge Dining Room & Cafeteria
June 8 Roosevelt Store
June 8 Tower Junction Service Station
June 15 Old Faithful Lower Store (basin)

Sept 2 Canyon Cafeteria
Sept 2 Roosevelt Store
Sept 3 Canyon Repair Service
Sept 3 Fishing Bridge Wrecker & Repair Service
Sept 3 Grant Village Wrecker & Repair Service
Sept 3 Old Faithful Repair Service
Sept 3 Old Faithful Service Station (upper)
Sept 3 Tower Junction Service Station
Sept 9 Bridge Bay Marina Store
Sept 16 Canon Lodge Dining Room
Sept 16 Fishing Bridge Service Station
Sept 23 Grant Village General Store
Sept 23 Grant Village Service Station
Sept 25 Lake Clinic
Sept 29 Tower Fall Store
Sept 30 Grant Village Lodging & Restaurant
Sept 30 Lake General Store
Oct 6 Grant Village Mini Store
Oct 6 Old Faithful Clinic
Oct 7 Fishing Bridge General Store
Oct 7 Old Faithful Lower Store (basin)
Oct 8 Mammoth Hot Springs Service Station
Oct 8 Mammoth Dining Room
Oct 9 Canyon General Store
Oct 14 Canyon Service Station
Oct 14 Terrace Grill Fast Food
October 14 Canyon Wrecker Service
Oct 14 Old Faithful Service Station (lower)
Oct 14 Old Faithful Wrecker Service
Oct 21 Old Faithful Upper Store
Oct 21 Snow Lodge Restaurant
Nov 4 Geyser Grill Fast Food
Nov 4 East Entrance
Nov 4 West Entrance
Nov 4 South Entrance

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