Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Random Musings

It has been awhile since I have posted to my blog. Things have gotten very busy. We were in Amarillo to help with Evelyn's cataract surgeries. I had some opportunities to do some photography over at Lake Meredith and the Canadian River area. I was hoping to do wildflower shots on the way home . . . . but rain in Central Texas must have been spotty. Normally Willow City Loop is full of flowers . . . . this year there were hardly any - and I mean practically void of flowers and even the grass was pretty well eaten by the livestock. I was tired and there were storms coming in - so we came on in.

The next week, I got the "public" areas of my house back in shape. And . . . . . . Debra and Jonathan set their wedding date . . . . . . things are now super busy. But God has been good - I've found a lovely location for the wedding, Debra is going with my design for the invitations - and I am pleased with the end result, and I'm getting things done each day.

But . . . my photography and my blogging have had to take a back seat until we get more of the wedding preparations done. I have missed two opportunities this year. I have two more that I need to send in soon if I'm going to send them this year. Maybe tomorrow I'll have window to put together two quick submissions. But one of my victories today - I designed Debra's thank you cards to match the invitations. I have finally learned how to size and place them on the page and have them print correctly first try!!!!!!!!! And they fit properly in their envelope!!!!!!! And I now know where to get various sized envelopes - even in colors - locally!!!!!!! That means that perhaps I can put together some greeting cards to take to area businesses.

But for now - tomorrow's task - finish getting the wedding invitations out.

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