Tuesday, April 04, 2006


America has a culture of productiveness. We value ourselves by what we accomplish. "Busy-ness" is part of our culture. Many things compete for our time.

My life has always had its hectic times. Currently trying to juggle starting a photography enterprise, the care for aging and ill relatives, finishing a Bible study book, and trying to attain and keep order in my home compete for my time. Stress is unavoidable.

But today, I have arrived at a life oasis. I left yesterday for the traditional birthday celebration with two of my closest friends. We are in Salado at a wonderful bed and breakfast on the creek.

This morning I got to spend time by the creek. Herons fished, birds sang, and little fish jumped out of the water. I closed my eyes for a different form of meditation and I felt the cool breeze on my face and even caught a whiff of the gentle smell of the creek.

My reading in my abundance book today:
"Take time to pamper yourself. This is especially important if you spend a great deal of time nurturing others. Your well will run dry if you don't give yourself permission to fill it. Your body needs rest."

I will have two days here in Salado. Time to sit by the creek, soak in the serenity, and center myself. A time to think of other things besides the things that are worthy of grief in my life right now.

Yes, I brought my computer and hard drive so that if I have some time, I can be "productive" while I am here.

But more important, is to fill the cups of serentity and peace - so that I will be ready to return both home and to Amarillo, re-equpped for the tasks God has laid out for me.

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Chris said...

That sounds great. Hope you are having fun.