Friday, December 04, 2009

Zambia's Village Children Calendar 2010

When we were in Zambia a year ago, my heart was touched by the orphans living at the Namwianga Mission. Inspired by another photographer, Karen Ande, who does calendars each year to benefit a different set of children in Africa, I decided to do calendars to help raise money for these precious children. Life in the rural African bush has many challenges. Children are orphaned when their mom dies from AIDS, death during childbirth, and other health issues. Some of these orphaned children have lost both parents, others only their mom. Some of these children live at Namwianga until they are about three and then a relative comes to bring them back to their village. Others have no relatives to go to and grow up at Namwianga. These precious children often come to Namwianga as infants and some do not survive infancy because of health issues they are born with.

The workers at the orphanage and the medical clinic love these children and give them amazing care. As one small thing I can do for this important ministry, I have put together a calendar whose profits will go to benefit these chidlren.

Here are sample of the images for each month. This year some of the photos were taken by me and others were taken by David Gregersen using my camera while we were there.

To order calendars, click here to go to the "Donate button" at the Zambia Mission Website:

Zambia Mission Donation

Click on Donate and then fill in the form: The calendars cost $20.00 and the cost to mail is $1.73 so enter $21.73 for each calendar and hit Update Total, then log on to PayPal. There is a place to give special instructions, please mark this to indicate that you want to purchase a calendar or how many calendars. Please include the address where you would like the calendar sent.

If you prefer, you may also email me with your name, address, and how many calendars you wish and mail a check made out to Zambia Mission to this address:

Zambia Mission
658 E.N. 21st
Abilene, TX 79601

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