Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Quebec's Road Signs

While there are international graphic based road signs, we found several interesting road signs as we drove through Canada. I was always amused by this one - warning of moose. For one thing, we've seen moose warning signs in other places along our travels and usually the moose are elusive and we don't see any. So when I see a moose crossing sign or a moose warning sign, my first thought is "Promises, Promises." Because I like opportunities to see moose.

However, one of our fellow travelers was worried about traveling at night, because there have been so many fatalities in Labrador and Newfoundland from car/moose collisions. They are the largest species in the deer family. You have to realize that a moose's antler rack is 6 feet wide, they are approximately 6 feet tall and can weigh 1,800 lbs (almost a ton). So hitting one would do serious damage to a car and its occupants.

We did see moose in a few places on our trip - after dark on the Chapleau Crown Game Preserve and one rainy evening out of St. Anthony, Newfoundland. Fortunately we did not have any close encounters, but there were plenty of these signs warning us of the possibility.


Carl Patten said...

For real? Wow. Perhaps it's a way of protecting both drivers (and passengers) and the moose. Animal protection should be implemented on roads through warning signs, too.

Mary Ann Melton said...

Yes, this is for real. Moose come out at night and are almost impossible to see. Much larger than deer, auto collisions with moose are often fatal for both the occupants of the car as well as the moose. I thought this sign was a very creative way to warn motorists.

Thanks for your comment!

Mary Ann