Friday, December 14, 2007

Photoshop CS3 Creativity Tour

I got an email back in November telling me about the NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals) Photoshop CS3 Creativity Tour One Day Seminar that was going to be in Dallas in September. I'd looked at a NAPP event a year or so ago, but it was going to be Las Vegas and our calendar was pretty booked up. But, Dallas is only a three hour (or so) drive away. In looking at the schedule, this had subjects that I was interested in learning more about - channels, paths, etc.

So I joined NAPP and I signed up. The event was on Wednesday from 10:00-5:00. Bert Monroy was our teacher. The picture of the train station on his home page tells you a lot about the talent and experience this man has. While that shot looks like a beautiful photograph, it is actually a handcrafted piece of art - sharp all the way down to the train in the distance. It was created with something like 15,000 layers. For more information and a closer look at this: Damen. It is worth a closer look - truly the work of a master.

Several times during the day, my jaw dropped and involuntarily I would say, "Wow!" And then I'd think my neighbors must think I'm a little nuts . . .

I want to learn to use my Wacom tablet. I've got one that I never quite figured out. I watched a Wacom sales person show someone how to learn to use it. I did take some time today to try some things out. You start out with a blank photoshop document and just start scribbling: XOXOXOXO, I tried writing Merry Christmas with some cool brushes he showed us. I even played with the pen tool. I'm glad we got a booklet with more detailed instructions. The pen tool is a powerful selection tool, but I'm missing one small piece of data on how to make it go around curves . . . I'll look it up in the morning.

I like the idea of using "smart filters" when I'm trying to play around with digital art. You can play with several filters at once and have both a record of what you have done, but like layers you can remove something without losing all of it.

I've made my first animation piece this evening.

And (when I should have been working on Christmas things) I created two Valentine cards.

But I wanted to play with some things I saw yesterday while they were still fresh in my mind.

I can say the time I spent in Dallas yesterday was well worth it. I can recommend NAPP membership and their workshops as places where you will learn a lot.

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Dan said...

That's amazing, Mary Ann. I think I'll stick to a paint brush. It doesn't take nearly so many hours.

Dan Merrell