Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Musings #1

For several reasons, my December was very busy. I got distracted from Christmas by some other things. So . . . Santa was a last minute shopper this year. Yes, I had bought some things early as I saw them, but I was out on December 23rd and 24th doing last minute shopping. Sometimes it is easy to procrastinate Christmas shopping, because you imagine that you will have time to shop to find just that "right" perfect gift. But for many of us the reality is that we're going to go in, know roughly what we want to get, and can really finish our Christmas shopping in somewhere between a few hours and a day. I've learned this lesson before . . . one could do this day of shopping in November just as easily . . . and be finished before the holiday rush. And there have been a few years that I have done just that.

For me in an ideal world, I would find gifts as we travel through the year. I would do my "last minute" shopping in November, leaving one less set of things to do in the busy month of December.

Will I do this any better next year???? Hard to tell . . .

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