Thursday, June 21, 2007

Yellowstone Withdrawal

After spending almost three weeks in Yellowstone, we are definitely spoiled. Everywhere we went, there was wildlife to watch-bears, coyotes, elk, bison, pronghorn, uinta ground squirrels, bigh horn sheep, mountain goats, moose, wolves, bald eagles,osprey, red tailed hawks, peregrin falcons, etc. Some days we saw 8 or 9 individual bears. Almost every day we saw coyotes. What a feast for the eyes!

Today as we drove south through Wyoming and into Colorado, we did see wildlife. There were pronghorn, a bald eagle on a post, a swainson hawk near Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge. We even saw some domestic buffalo doing their bull pen butting heads routine.

But in ranching country, coyotes are unwelcome visitors. I'm sure they live in the sage covered hills we passed through, but they were nowhere in sight. As we drove on through the forest on the way to Grand Lake, I kept checking the willows for moose. While I saw fishermen and a deer or two, no moose.

Yes, we saw wildlife today, but not nearly the quantity, frequency, and variety we had grown accustomed to in Yellowstone.

Sigh . . . while I love Breckenridge (our next destination), I'm going to miss the wilderness and wildlife of Yellowstone.

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seren said...

I was thinking of our (my girlfriend Layne (21) myself James (23)) trip to Yellowstone this summer (June 14- June 28) and I googled Yellowstone Withdraw I just want to let you know your not alone. We just got out pictures and looking at them just makes us want to go back.