Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Rocky Mountain Wildlife

While we got out and about before sunrise today, the mountains were socked in with heavy clouds. The sun came out around noon and i went out knowing it was the wrong time of day for photography. I sat in the shade of a tree at Moraine Park and hoped for bluebirds (I had seen one when I parked the car - it was why I chose the spot I did.) I did see bluebird, but it was far enough away that my shot is only going to show this small patch of blue in a big photo. Naptime called and when I woke up the clouds were back. We drove out again for a couple of hours around sunset - lighting just was not good enough for photography but I did enjoy driving around, checking out birds with my binoculars and enjoying the peaceful pastoral setting of grazing elk in the meadows.

Wildlife list
Elk - hundreds
Black tail deer
Flicker (saw twice, but either not long enough or at wrong angle for full identification)
Mountain bluebird - possibly a couple of baby bluebirds as well
Yellow rumped warbler???? - too much yellow, but otherwise this seems most likely candidate
Brewers Blackbird
Redwing blackbird, male and female
European Starling
ground squirrel
prairie dogs
Pinyon Jay???? Looked too dark to be mountain bluebird plus breast was dark blue - flew into Ponderosa Pine tree
ruby throated hummingbird

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