Sunday, May 20, 2007

Colorado Christian Writer's Conference

I'm sitting on the porch of my room at the YMCA of the Rockies. The sky is blue, a soft blue. The birds are singing. I watch them flit from one perch to another sometimes doing aerial acrobatics as they chase each other through the sky. The mountains are beautiful this morning-the rich greens of the pines and the rugged snow capped peaks.

I tend to wake early and this is the first morning that I've had to spend quietly on the porch. The other mornings I had a devotional with other writers that started the day as part of the conference. The lessons were wonderful and inspiring. But today is MINE. I'm getting to reflect on my last three days and I am so grateful to God. I've had the opportunity to learn more about pitching my writing work to editors. I've actually talked with editors about my work. And thanks be to God, I found them receptive.

For any of these opportunities to bear fruit, I must follow through and finish the tasks. I've got to look over my manuscript one last time. While I thought I had all the little details (spelling, grammar, etc) taken care of, my last reading found some new things. I want to listen to the CD I purchased of the session about what a proposal should look like. I have a proposal, but I want it to be the best I can make it.

I have an opportunity to submit an e-book about a subject I am well qualified to write. My brain has already been active and my notes are ready to start.

And I have an opportunity to write a short article to submit to Pray magazine. I talked with the editor and my article is not one that has been done before in their magazine.

The morning is quiet . . . People are beginning to stir - heading for breakfast, loading their cars. We'll head over to the campground. I don't have to leave the mountains yet. Over the next week, I'll get up early for my photography and then spend my afternoon following through, finishing the tasks set before me, and then finishing my day back in nature with my camera.

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