Friday, September 14, 2012

Enjoy the moment -Yellowstone

This trip to Yellowstone has been more an enjoy the moment rather than a photographic work time. Many times the animals are too far away for great photography.  But it is still a delight and a wonder to behold grizzlies and wolves on a distant hillside fighting over a carcass or to see a bald eagle sail over the valley.  Watching the morning reunion of a wolf pack is always too far away to photograph, but a delight to witness.

As a photographer it is really easy to spend an entire vacation viewing everything from the view finder on the camera.  The benefit of that is that you can end up with amazing photos to help you remember what you've seen or to have images to share with others.  But sometimes, in the intensity of trying to capture something with the camera, you can miss out on the wonder of the experience.

When I first started watching the grizzlies and the wolves in Hayden Valley yesterday, I just sat down with my binoculars and enjoyed watching the drama of nature in action.  I came back after lunch and decided to try to capture the distant scene with my 300-800mm lens.  I was correct that the animals were small figures in a big image, but I was able to capture the grizzly chasing off one of the wolves.

Whether I come back with great images or great memories, I do want to take time to experience the wonder of Yellowstone.  The detailed blog posts will come after I'm home - rather than taking time out of my day  while we are trying to enjoy as much as we can in  a short time.

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sandy mcgeirge said...

I really enjoyed talking to you while watching the grizzlies and wolves. Thank you so much tor allowing my husband and I to us your viewing scope. Seeing this part of nature was something that only a few, considering the vast number of people in the world, people will experience in their lifetime. And then seeing you trying to capturing an elk bucking was just as enjoyable. I hope you were able yo get what you were trying for. Thank you again. Sandy and Gary