Friday, August 08, 2008

The House Comes Alive!

Houses becomes homes because of the people who live there and the memories created. When Evelyn moved first to skilled care, then 24 hour care and then assisted living, the house had a very empty feel. Its people were missing. This week the house came alive one last time. All the family came "home." And each of us in our own way celebrated the lives of Gene and Evelyn. All of the grandchildren had memories of coming to the lake house and going fishing. The last few years when the family tried to fish, the fish weren't biting. Gene had been telling us that the fishing at the lake was not good anymore. But in two special "miracles" once after his death and then again this week, the grandchildren and great grandchildren came "home," threw their lines in the waters around the dock, and the fish were biting. Lorien, Jon's wife caught her first fish today as did her son, Jaycob. The great grandchildren all caught several fish. In fact, there were enough fish caught that we ended the day with a fish fry. And as in true biblical miracles, all of the fish - both great and small-were sufficient to feed 24 people!

The house was filled with love, laughter, and such a wonderful sense of family!

Already, people are beginning to head home, the house is getting quieter by the moment, but in one last glorious week, it was like old times, the clock had rolled back and we were all together again!

Thank you God for such a wonderful blessing!

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