Monday, July 03, 2006

Wave Magic at La Jolla

As I've participated at the various photography websites over the years, I've seen some beautiful photos taken as time exposures of ocean waves. In my journeys to California, I've made attempts at several places. Most of them are fun for me, a few people like them, but my efforts have not been competition quality. But I am happy to say that all the practice runs taught me things that finally came together at La Jolla.

During the convention, I went over to La Jolla three different nights to do photography. My emphasis the first night was on the seals so I only had my big lens. But as it got close to sunset, I repositioned my big lens and started shooting the waves. Unfortunately, I did not bring my remote shutter release - so many of the shots were blurred and unusable. At the end I started used the timer which helped some. But I got a few shots I was pleased with using the larger lens and getting a more intimate view of the rocks and waves.

The second day I came with my landscape zoom (28-105mm) lens and tripod - a much smaller. Henry came with me this time. I've learned to shoot aperture priority at the highest f/stop for the lens to get the deepest depth of field possible. Then I make exposure adjustments as I go along based on the histogram and what I see on the back of the camera. I've also learned that the rocks must be extremely sharp for this to work. So I focus on the rocks. Even so, from one shot to the next even without changing settings the exposures tend to shift. The remote shutter release is very important so I don't jar the camera during these longer exposures.

I make sure I get several different views - one for the larger picture.

But I find that I am most interested in getting the details in the rocks and waves - the intimate landscape.

On Monday I get one more opportunity to photograph at La Jolla. I've concentrated my photography over at the Children's Pool. I wanted something different. So I headed over where people snorkel and do their afternoon swims - a couple of blocks over. It was a totally different environment and I kept changing positions trying to get shots that might work.

The evening light fades. This is my last night on the Pacific this trip. Tomorrow is the fourth of July - and there will be NO parking around here. Besides Wednesday is the day we leave to go back to Texas. We'll have stuff to stow. I hope I get to come back to this site. I had wanted to snorkel with the seals and see the fish. I discovered that there is a sea cave to explore. And now that I've seen the photos - of course, there is more stuff I would like to try. Lord willing, we'll be back.


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Those are stunning. I love them.