Saturday, October 09, 2010

Seney National Wildlife Refuge

We've been fortunate to visit Seney National Wildlife Refuge several times.  Our first visit was in September 2003. We knew it was going to be a great place when we saw sandhill cranes foraging right by the entry sign.  We were thrilled to see bald eagles, trumpeter swans, northern shovelers, loons, green winged teals, glossy ibis, American bitterns, beaver, and muskrats, etc.  We've also learned that by October, most of the birds have already flown south.

But we were "in the neighborhood" and couldn't resist making one loop through the auto trail.  There were still trumpeter swans, a pied bill grebe, assorted sparrows.  The ranger told me that river otters had been spotted - we didn't see those.

But even with most of the birds gone, Seney is still a beautiful place, especially at sunrise or sunset. The clouds were especially lovely this evening.

I never tire of seeing the subtle colors God paints in the sky - unique every day.

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