Monday, March 01, 2010

South from Cartwright

While there was a long string of cars leaving the ferry at the beginning of the road south from Cartwright, everyone travelled at their own rate. We were not in a big hurry, so before long we had the road to ourselves. I loved the local greeting!

This fish trap reminded me of one's we had seen on our Alaska trip.

This stretch of road is dotted with small fishing villages to visit. I was amazed at the ingenuity and use of local materials. Note the wooden platform boat ramp. We did not see much concrete up here.

I was fascinate by the nets hanging out to dry.

We were on the Islands and Coves loop. We saw these wooden sleds everywhere. So much of the land is "crown" land. People are allowed to cut wood on crown land and they leave the piles of wood, properly labeled, near where it is cut. Then in the winter, they make runs with these sleds to bring wood back home.

The small fishing villages are just so photogenic! I love the beautiful white frame houses and the small communities.

This is Fox Harbor Labrador.

We were thrilled to see an iceberg in the bay.

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