Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Winter in Central Texas - A Rare Snow!

We've lived in Central Texas since 1971. Snow is rare. We can go for years without seeing it even fall from the sky. If we are going to have snow it usually falls in January. By February, there are hints of spring - daffodils beginning to bloom, trees beginning to bud, and even sometimes a few bluebonnets. However, this year, it has been colder and wetter than normal. I do have a plum tree that is trying to bloom. We've had a few days with sleet and a few falling flakes. But today, we had real snow. Big flakes, sticking to the ground, accumulation! WHEEE!

I had other things on my need to do list, but snow is so rare here, that I decided that I had better take the time to go and see what images I could find representing winter in Central Texas.

I headed first to the pond just south of Brushy Creek near HWY 685. This tree with its coating of snow on the north side grabbed my attention.

The ground around Brushy Creek was protected by the tree branches and did not have a lot of snow, so I headed north of Hutto to a couple of places that I thought might have some good photographic opportunities.

I wasn't expecting this one, but I loved the way this little creek meandered through the trees. As I worked this image, it needed a little extra something, so I used my Topaz filters to make the image flow more smoothly and hopefully bringing out the natural beauty.

I was glad I took more than one angle, because the first composition had some out of focus limbs that were annoying and caused me to use a panoramic crop. This angle was much cleaner with only a little cleanup needed as well as the Topaz filters.

I stopped on a one lane bridge for these next two shots. Another photographer passed by, knowing like I did that this would be a good spot for a snowy Central Texas landscape.

I like to shoot a scene many ways and from different angles. I also like to zoom in for a more intimate look, especially when streams and moving water offer such inviting vistas.

I'll try to get these up in larger versions at my SmugMug Gallery tomorrow. I've already got some snapshots of the snow around our yard at my website.

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