Monday, January 25, 2010

Canadian Shield Images of Mystery & Wonder

I now do motion blurs as part of my methodology as we travel. I was curious what kind of images I could capture as we drove through areas of the Canadian shield on our way to Labrador. Rocks have interesting cracks, lines, grain, and layers. Add motion and I discovered that you can really end up with some interesting images. Naming these images? That's another story. Everyone sees something a little different. As a photograher, I need to give each image some kind of name. But Henry keeps reminding me that if I give it too specific a name, that it will ruin it. I've posted some of these at the Digital Image Cafe at the Critique Corner to see what other people see.

I do some post processing on these images, deepening shadowed areas, brighting up areas to enhance what I see. But the basic structure comes from the photographic technique of both moving the camera and zooming the lens.

This first one I've worked further from the image I posted at the Cafe based upon what they saw. My original name for this was "Rock Faces." I was going to change it to "Critters," but I think Rock Faces still works.

I've named this next one, "Pet Rock."

The name for this one will be either Rock Spirit or Stone Spirit.

I have been very surprised with this one. I enhanced with the theme, "Rock Warrior." But everyone sees something very different. It may need a new title.

This last one has the working title, "Emerging."

I will be taking these and others from my collection of Images of Mystery and Wonder to ConDFW next month in Dallas. To see larger versions, check out my gallery of Fantasy Creatures.

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