Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sprites, Blue Jets, Elves, and Tigers . . . Oh, my!!!!

Space.com has an interesting article about Natural Explanation for UFO's. Apparently some thunderstorms produce a pheonomenon that has been named "sprites" that appear as dancing lights above thunderstorms.

Live Science

Space.com has a video.

Photo of a sprite

From Stanford University comes information and photo about blue jets, a related phenomenon.

Astronomy Photo of the Day

Matt Heavner from Alaska has compiled an impressive list of links with more information about sprites and blue jets.

Live Science notes that these events are called transient luminous events (TLE). There is also a Transient Ionospheric Glow Emission in Red, or TIGER, event.

Elves are still another form.

Live Science has even posted a video.

What is amazing to me is that only with the newest high speed video equipment are we even able to see these fleeting phenomena because they appear and disappear so fast. It makes me wonder how many more mysterious wonders God has created that scientists will continue to discover as our technical equipment gets more and more sophisticated.

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