Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Cape Town Morning

The sky is bright blue this morning in Cape Town - and Table mountain has flowers on the slopes that I can see in the distance from the hotel.

In the interior regions during the end of the dry season, for reasons I have not yet been able to discover definitively, people burn a lot of the tall grass, leaving the skies always hazy. This creates beautiful African sunsets, but also obscures the brightest blues of the sky. So seeing the beautiful, clear blue sky today is a blessing.

It is our last day in Africa. So I have mixed feelings. I know we missed a lot of wonderful things in the Cape Town area, but one short morning is also not enough. I can hope we get to come back.

I have many things to blog about that will show up here in my blog over the next few weeks. Our days were long, leaving little time to blog. Also, even when we had internet capability there were bandwith and cost issues.

I will be putting photos from Africa on my website, but there seems to be a transition in software that has occurred at my internet provider for the site. So there may also be a delay as we work out a solution, or design a new website for me.

We still have the drive to the airport. Perhaps we can get a cab to take us a "scenic" route.

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