Sunday, May 21, 2006

Of quiet time and bird nests

For several years now, I like to get a cup of tea or coffee and sit on my front porch in the mornings. I take my One Year Bible and other inspirational books and try to find something that speaks to me today. Something that will encourage me, inspire me, or help me thank God and praise Him. It always amazes me when my reading material matches what is going on in my own life - as though God is finding this avenue to speak to me personally.

I've also been feeding birds. So I get to watch a progression of different species come to the hanging feeders and the ground feeders. Watching the birds and their behaviours and interactions is also encouraging and restful for me.

I also have roses next to my porch. I pruned them back this year. A few days ago, I noticed that I had a bird's nest in the rose bush right in front of my chair. I had been hearing a bird tweeting - now I know - it is mother cardinal wanting back on her nest. There are four beautiful eggs in that nest.

I guess I'll need to move to the back porch for awhile. I want to get to see those precious babies.

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Chris said...

Baby cardinals! Cool.