Saturday, March 25, 2006


While we are grateful Gene was able to come home from the hospital today, it looks like we've had a serious setback. Two days ago, he was getting around the house well - even without the walker. He was agile even when getting up from the floor. Today each step is tediously slow and painful. He is not as bright and alert either.

We've known since the health problems in November, that our plans could change in an instant. When we came up for Evelyn's cataract surgery, I packed as though we could be here longer than originally planned. I brought the stuff I need to pay my monthly bills, all my photo files, my income tax records, etc. If it were just Evelyn, we could head home. Her cataract surgery has gone well. Using Mary's reading glasses, she can position things so she can read. She feels pretty good about her surgery. But with Gene, life is revealing how futile it can be to make plans. Last week, we could reasonably make plans a few weeks into the future. Right now it feels as though we can only plan for today, as tomorrow may have a new emergency.

But good things in life, also go on. At NANPA, I got to visit with one of the editors from the National Park Magazine. I presented an idea to her that she found interesting: A couple of years ago, Henry and I went back to visit a place from our dating years - Lake Meredith and Alibates Flint Quarries National Monument. We were disappointed at the time, because when we got to the National Monument - it was all locked up - tours had to be arranged in advance- the small portable building also locked and deserted - and the lake felt empty and lifeless. Even the surrounding communities had that dried up dying look to them. We mourned and decided that perhaps it was too painful to come back. My article idea was to research what had happened with this seemingly forgotten monument.

I had arranged a tour for Thursday, but the weather was very poor for a hiking excursion - very cold with snow on the ground. So I signed up for a tour on Saturday when the weather forecast was more promising. So . . . . . this morning we got up early and headed out.

The trip took much less time than we anticipated so we explored one of the roads into the recreation area. I got some good road runner shots and some good shots of ponds with birdwatching opportunities. We arrived on time for the tour - and found that our tour guide was delightful. He had worked full time for over 25 years and is now a retired volunteer guide. When I returned to Evelyn's, I was delighted to see that my photos look good and that I have most of what I need to produce an article! I've done some research via the internet (THANK GOD FOR INTERNET RESEARCH OPPORTUNITIES - you can find almost anything you need to know on the internet!) and now I'm in the process of beginning the article. Let's hope she'll like it.

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