Friday, January 20, 2006

Four Degress (Fahrenheit) Sunrise

We've had a lot of snow over the past several weeks. I've been checking the forecast to see if it is worth while to get up at sunrise and get out. Today looks promising. I wake up around 6:00 - check the sky - I can see stars . . . . a good sign. I check the temperature - 4 degrees - that's pretty cold.

Because of my arm, Henry is going out with me - I can manipulate the camera and the smaller tripod, but if I need my big lens and heavy tripod, I need help. So we throw our clothes - tons of layers for me, not so many for Henry - he just sits in the car working on his writing. For me, one layer of thermal underwear, wool socks, one long sleeved T-shirt, wool sweater, ski pants, wool hat, fancy mittens that allow my hand to stay warm, but have my fingers available to work with the camera, and my ski jacket. I wait until the last minute to put on the sweater and coat - too hot inside otherwise. And on my shoes go my YAKTRAX - a product that I just love. It is like little chains for my shoes. I don't slip anymore!

Next decision - where to go? I head for an overlook that has been productive recently. The sun is not up yet and the clouds over the mountains show promise for a spectacular sunrise. Only issue is there are also clouds to the east that may obscure the first light.

There it is - the first light on the mountain, but it is off in the distance, not lighting the clouds I had hoped for. Too far away and not bright enough for the magic I'm hoping for. Decision time . . . Yes, I'm going to move where I can be closer to the mountain peaks that are getting the sun.

So we head over to Hoosier Pass and I am hoping to still catch that early lighting. We get as far as Quandry Peak - yes, I like that blowing snow.

With two feet of snow in just the last few days, there is a lot of powder for the wind to blow. Sun looks good on it, too.

When we get to the top of the pass, I know it is going to be a good morning. Trees laden with snow, interesting weather on the peaks, the wind whipping up the fresh powder snow. Yes, it is cold, but, oh, how exciting and rewarding.

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Chris Nystrom said...

Very nice pictures. Fun!